Privacy Policy

XRoads Career Guidance aims to provide a secure and confidential service. Therefore, any client data collected, processed, stored and disposed of, is in keeping with this principle. 

Client’s relevant confidential information shared with the client’s consent is used only to provide the necessary required supports and best career guidance service. 

Telephone calls and virtual meetings are not recorded. 

Handwritten notes about a query are taken during phone calls and will include information such as; name, email address, query category and query summary. All notes are kept in a locked cabinet when not in use and are destroyed on a yearly basis.

We do not share data with third parties except when necessary to process it. 

Some psychometric tests, in order to generate results, require the client’s age and previous or predicted examination results. Testing is carried out according to the British Psychological Society’s International Guidelines for Test Use. 

Data Protection Policy of tests used are available to clients on request.

The computers used by XRoads Career Guidance are regularly updated with anti-virus software,  password protected and not used by anyone else. 

The search facility on XRoads Career Guidance website is an internal search function and only returns information that appears on the website.

All users give consent to be contacted by XRoads Career Guidance in relation to their Career Guidance consultation and can unsubscribe at any time by contacting us directly with your request.

Clients under 18 years must have contact and inquiry made by their parent or guardian.