Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate students have a lot to contend with from exams to further education decisions. We provide assistance to Leaving Certificate Students with career choice, third-level application and more.

Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate students have a lot to contend with from exams to further education decisions. XRoads Career Guidance Counsellor, Ann Heffron provides assistance to Leaving Certificate Students and their parents with advice on career choice, college application and understanding the CAO application process. We also work with students who wish to apply to third level colleges in the UK and Europe, with students who are applying to Post Leaving Certificate courses, Apprenticeships, the Garda Síochána and the Army. We also advise on CAO offers, acceptance or deferral of a college place, QQI and Post Leaving Certificate entry to third level education. XRoads Career Guidance also assists students with the preparation of their personal statements, study skills and examination preparation.

In order to help you on your career journey all appointments start with an initial information building telephone conversation to establish how best our services can meet your career guidance needs. The Leaving Certificate /Senior Cycle Career Guidance Programme include some or all of the following:

Career Investigation & College Application

In order to assist you as you make these weighty decisions, we start our first meeting with an information building discussion. We will look at your academic history, extra-curricular activities, what interests you enjoy and if and where it would be suitable to go to college. The process will include some of the following:

  • Range of Career Interest Assessments and Psychometric Tests to establish level of interest and career suitability in different occupational areas.
  • Career Research and Career Matching
  • College options exploration
  • CAO Points System explained
  • How to apply to CAO, UCAS (UK college application), Eunicas (European Universities), PLC and Apprenticeships
  • HEAR, DARE and Access Programmes explained.
  • Advice on HPAT: Health Professions Admission Test. This is used to select students for medicine and some other health science courses at university
  • Accepting a CAO offer
  • Deferral of a college place

Leaving Certificate Specific Services

Also Individual Appointments can also be made to advise on the following:

  • CAO offers
  • Deferral of college place 
  • Repeat Leaving Certificate 
  • Post Leaving Certificate Courses 
  • QQI Entry to Third Level Education
  • Apprenticeships

All appointments can be arranged in person, by telephone or by video call.

XRoads Career Guidance will report and feedback to students and parents.


Study Skills

Do you want to make your study time more productive and make better use of your study time? We address the following with you 

  • Study skills tips
  • Motivation   
  • Study Plan  
  • Time management 

Personal Statements

Some college application requires Personal Statements. We will work with you and assist you as you target your Personal Statement to specific courses or colleges.

Examination Preparation

Some exam stress can be a motivation factor. Students need to prepared mentally and psychologically to perform well in examinations. The Examination Preparation Programme will support students leading up to examinations and give tips on how to manage stress before and during examinations.

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