Junior Certificate

Junior Certificate students who require guidance with study skills, examination preparation and subject choice.

Junior Certificate Guidance

Students in the early junior cycle in secondary school are required to choose subjects for the Junior Certificate. At the end of third year they again make further choices on what subjects to carry to Leaving Certificate. XRoads Career Guidance provides guidance to help students choose subjects that suit them, that they enjoy and have a better chance at doing well at.  It is also important to keep options open to meet subject entry requirements for a wide range of courses at third level colleges. Early Start Career Planning gives the younger student focus, clarity, and understanding of how to navigate their education and future career path. We work with students to improve their study skills and on how to best prepare for examinations.


Subject Choice

Are you Second Level Student facing the task of making subject choices for Junior Certificate? We provide advice and guidance to assist you as you choose subjects that:

  • you will enjoy
  • you are good at and will get good results in 
  • do not lock you out of specific college courses
  • you have an aptitude for
  • increase your chance of getting better results in examinations 

Early Career Planning Programme

The Early Career Planning Programme addresses the following

Introduction to:

  • CAO, UCAS, Eunicas Post Leaving Certificate Courses and Apprenticeship
  • Third Level College Entry Requirements
  • Third Level Colleges review
  • Points System explanation
  • How to calculate Leaving Certificate Points
Aptitude and Ability Testing and Career Testing – Psychometric Testing may be part of the programme

Exam Preparation

Some examination stress is healthy and for some can be a motivating factor. For younger students, the Junior Certificate is their first experience of a formal state examination. Good examination preparation instils student confidence and improves examination performance. We provide the following programme to address this need.

The Junior Examination Preparation Programme will:

  • Support students leading up to examinations
  • Provide tips on stress management techniques for before and during examinations

Study Skills

Do you want to make your study time more productive? The Junior Study Skills Programme addresses the following:

  • Study Skills Tips
  • Motivation   
  • Study Plan  
  • Time management 

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