Adult Career Guidance

Making a Career change or looking for a job; these are all big events and it is important to give it careful consideration and to get it right. Working with a qualified professional Career Guidance Counsellor can make all the difference. XRoads Career Guidance work with adults looking to return to work or education and those looking for a career change.

Adult Career Guidance

XRoads Career Guidance offers Adult Career Guidance. Career choice, career review or making a career change are all big life events which often require professional guidance. XRoads Career Guidance works closely with adults looking for a promotion at work, applying for a job, preparing for a job interview or returning to work or education. Also with those considering a career change. 

We design a Career Guidance Programme individual to your needs. 

Full Career Review

Firstly, having established what stage you are at in your career journey we then explore your interests, strengths, experience, transferable skills and personal aspirations in addition to qualifications and prior learning.

We also look at your work and academic history, extracurricular activities and the interests you enjoy.  We then design a Career Guidance Programme individual to you,

This process includes some or all of the following:

  • Career Interest Assessments: a range of Career Interest Assessment tools used
    to establish the level of interest and career suitability in different occupational areas
  • Career Research and Career Matching Explored
  • Extrapolate your Transferable skills
  • Up-skilling options
  • We look at short term and long term realistic opportunities

Job Hunting

  • Up to date job searching
  • Job application 
  • CV Review and Update
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Familiarisation with Psychometric Test used in job selection
  • How to Research employer or Company?

Interview Preparation

Have never done an interview? Haven’t done an interview in years? Dreading the thought of it? With many years of experience sitting on Interview Panels, Ann has an in-depth understanding of what is expected and what is important at interviews. She will share this knowledge with you as you prepare.

  • Interview types explained
  • How to prepare for a one-to-one Interview
  • How to prepare for a virtual interview
  • Competence-based interview
  • Practice interview
  • Importance of communication and body language
  • Presentation preparation
  • Questions to ask at an interview

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