Some Resources to Ease the Stress on Students 

It’s been a challenging and unsettling 2 years for our 2021 Leaving Certificate Students. And thats all on top of the standard Exam stress and pressure.

As it turns out this year, approximately 58% of students have chosen to sit the Leaving Cert exam this year in some capacity. And with only a few short weeks to go, the anticipation of exams or general worries about the future are the cause of much stress for young people right now. is an excellent online and in-person resource. They offer expert mental health advice and support to young people aged 12 – 25 years.

In this blog post, XRoad Career Guidance shares some of Jigsaw’s tools and resources to assist with some of these stresses whether you’re a young person or are supporting a young person in your life.

  • A parent’s guide to exams

Jigsaw clinicians share some insights on how they advise parents to support young people doing the Leaving Cert exams. Read more 

  • Answering sleep questions

Many of the young people find that sleep is one of their main difficulties. In this video Jigsaw clinician, Deidre answers some of their most frequently asked questions concerning sleep. Listen now 

You can also read these FAQs along with Deidre’s Answers here – Read now

  • Worrying about the future

The future and how we feel about it can make us feel overwhelmed, either by the amount of choice, or lack of it. Jigsaw sets out some simple, clear advice to help us understand worry. Below is a link to an article in which they address:

Read the full article.

If you find any of this content helpful and think you or your child would benefit from additional support, Jigsaw is an excellent resource and you can find out more on their site –
We wish you all the very best with all that lies ahead.
And remember – Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do!